Ayurveda at Sattva by The Windflower in Kasargod  
  Although it originated several thousand years ago, Ayurveda could not be more appropriate for present-day society, where so many people suffer from stress-related conditions which conventional medicine has been unable to remedy. It is the oldest healing system known and also the most complete. Its logical, commonsense approach to health and living is combined with philosophy, psychology and spiritual guidance. Ayurveda has an armory of physical treatments from medication to massage, yoga, cleansing and detoxification programmes, and remedies for such disorders as infertility, impotence, arthritis, hypertension, gastro-intestinal problems, chronic illness and infectious diseases. It offers natural, herbal remedies, which counteract imbalances in the body and can successfully treat most health problems encountered in the West today. Ayurveda also offers counseling for a range of conditions, advocates meditation and has recommendations for harmonious living and good relationships.  
  Sattva by The Windflower at Kasargod  
  Sattva is a 30 guest room Ayurveda retreat, spread over a 20 acre rubber plantation. We offer 16 villas and 14 studio rooms. Our aim is to create a unique wellness centre at the resort location at Kasargod incorporating elements of Ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga and allied methodologies and catering essentially to:  
  Wellness clients seeking Ayurvedic rejuvenation and cure with special focus on  
  The Ayurveda centre will be wholly dedicated to the pursuit of health, beauty and wellbeing.  
  Products and services  
The Ayurveda Centre
  We will offer:
  • Purification Programs
    Powerful purification treatments will help remove the damaging effects of stress, fatigue, impurities, and environmental toxins, thereby stimulating the body's natural rejuvenation and regeneration.
  • Curative Therapies
    Ayurveda has an excellent record of curing the sort of chronic problems that do not respond well to western medicine- heart disease reversal, diabetes management, psoriasis, endocrine disorders, eczema, cystistis, migraine, post chemotherapy rejuvenation, etc.
  • Stress management
    Ayurveda offers excellent treatments for stress reduction. Treatments such as abhyanga, shirodhara and others are known to bring down stress levels considerably. Physical stress as manifested by body pains, headaches, fatigue and sleeplessness and mental stress as manifested by loss of memory, depression and anxiety are all treated successfully by Ayurvedic therapies.
  • Weight management
  • Yoga for Health and Wellness
  • Pampering Therapies
    The Ayurveda centre will be wholly dedicated to the pursuit of health, beauty and wellbeing.
  All programs will be for a minimum of 7 days with 14, 21 and 28 day packages also available. Only for Pampering Therapies, a minimum of 3 days is available.  
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